TEM Designer Switches - Dare to be different.


The Pure, Line and Soft design lines reflect a modern,
sophisticated and independent lifestyle.

You can choose from a wide and rich selection of colours, patterns and shapes to alter the appearance of your switches and sockets so that they fit the desired atmosphere and mood.


From the cleanliness and purity of a new-born world stems the story of the Pure line.

The touch of natural motifs is intertwined with a sophisticated taste for lines and form and interwoven with threads of

state-of-the-art technology.

Harmony of straight lines

Prepare for the elegant perfection of straight shapes.

Try brilliant surfaces that gently play with modern elements of your room.

We have incorporated “Soft Touch” technology especially for you,
turning every touch into a unique experience.

Softness in your home

Let the rounded shapes and soft transitions
bring softness into your  home.



In the dark Touch becomes a tender soft ambient light.

It marks the spot of a switch and gently illuminates a place.

You can choose among eight different
colours of tender light and adapt its brightness according to your mood.


Light as never seen before.

A dimmed light makes peaceful, sensual and romantic atmosphere.

It is a trade mark of romantic places and quiet late evening hours spent at home or at work.

Switching is soft and extended.
It does not only prolong the lamp life expectancy, but also changes darkness into light in a slower and much more pleasant way.

Touch enables you to dim the light anywhere, regardless of the type of lamps.



Everything in one place

Your house is the centre of your life.

The multitude of devices you use requires a number of connectors and sockets.

Create your own multimedia centre, one that will allow you to connect and
use a multiple number of different components in one place.


TEM Designer Switches - Dare to be different.


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